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Tips for Effective Email Marketing

You’re busy with your business and may not have the capacity to dive deep into email marketing in all its nuances. Here are a few things to keep in mind when your marketing department is another “to do” item on your list.

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1. Keep it Simple

The use of a marketing calendar can be helpful if you know you have specific sales and events you want your audience to know about throughout the year. Use the ever popular “blocking” method to start…and use Constant Contact’s Marketing Calendar to help plan a month, quarter or the entire year!

2. Customize Email Subject Lines and Avoid Spam items

Don’t leave your subject line to chance or let it be the last thing you create in your e-news. It’s as important as the content because it is what your customer or fan sees FIRST. Customization of emails is helpful and let’s the customer know you are not spamming them. You know their name and desire to build a relationship with them. No need for using pressure language like “sale lasts until…” etc. as people do not respond well to such tactics. Authenticity and relationship beat pressure and “sales-y” anytime.

3. Use Automated Email Series to Warm up Recent List Sign ups!

The wonderful tool of email automation is that Constant Contact takes care of the details when customers/fans sign up for your communications. Through the email plus program, you can creatively steer your recipients through a welcome series that warms them up to know – like- trust your brand to be open to sell to them whether that’s the latest tech service or you’re dropping your latest beats on Spotify!